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For those who are at the end of their earthly life, many are extremely distraught for those who are at the end of their earthly life many are extremely distraught, depressed and fearful of dying. Being a Doula will provide comfort and reassurance to your loved one or friend as to what lies beyond their physical death. A Doula can bring caring, understanding, and compassion to the dying in the realities of “life after death”.Through prayer and consoling, the attitude of the Dying can’t be greatly enhanced and their final days can be excepting and peaceful.

During the NDE, the person is surrounded by wispy, cloud-like formations that glow and pulsate.  These are souls that are there to help the dying person prepare to transition, and this is a very important part of the dying process.  Every one of these souls is unique -- just as we are unique on Earth.


It is important to pay attention to the person and to approach him or her gently.  The caregiver should not startle the dying person or be so thoughtless as to disregard the fact that he or she is in a completely different realm than the one the caregiver is in.  Approach the dying person with a soft whisper or touch on the hand.  Wait for a response and be sure that he or she is aware of your presence.  Be considerate and treat the dying person with dignity and respect at all times.


It is vital to regard this person's space as sacred and to provide him or her with an environment that is restful and soothing -- A peaceful sanctuary in which to transition with dignity.  Also, because the dying person is sensitive to light; soft, indirect lighting is ideal.


Remember that the individual who has transitioned is still very much alive and conscious -- Just operating on a different frequency.  Another frequency, another dimension, another realm.  The soul can never die; The self can never die -- Only the garment is shed.  You still exist.  You always have, and you always will!  We will all live forever.

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