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Charlene Morris
Founder and Ordained Healing Minister
Spiritual awakening through the portals of heaven.

I was 16 years old and enjoying all the normal things a young girl experiences at that time of her life. What began as a simple play day with friends on the water ended up with a traumatic and near-fatal drowning accident. The ensuing events and experiences have changed my life forever and would completely direct my life from then on. This near-death experience (NDE) and being touched by God has changed my life in many ways. 

During the drowning accident, I became separated from my physical body and felt enveloped in peace and serenity at the moment of my drowning, yet I remained conscious and totally aware! As a dying person, I wasn’t becoming less conscious but more conscious. Before me was the most awesome sight, a brilliant light that enveloped me in purity, holiness, peace, and beauty. I felt secure, safe, and warm and I knew that I was in the presence of God. I knew I was in heaven and I did not want to change anything that was happening to me. I had an overwhelming desire to stay exactly where I was, but I was to return with a new perspective along with my memories of what had occurred during my near death experience.


Altered Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviors


It took about 10 years to process and transform.  I have received many gifts after my NDE that include: increased compassion, clairvoyance, telepathic capabilities, strong intuition, premonitions, remembering dreams/apparitions all were heightened and intensified.  I’ve always considered it an after death experience since I truly crossed over.

What It Feels Like to Die

First, any pain to be suffered comes as you are dying and you instinctively fight to live.  Next, you die and lose your body, but nothing else is lost. There is no pain, only peaceful silence, calmness, and the feeling of love. You still exist. You are still alive.  Very much alive, very busy and active. Death is but a shift.  In fact, only the observer experiences or perceives death. In reality, you simply shed your life’s garment that is no longer needed. 

Jesus is the first person you see when you die. His love for you is so enormous! You go through a receiving procedure and a purification and then experience a time of rest. Our bodies go to sleep but we do not as we are very much alive. We move on to a higher plane of existence. A beautiful world and reality awaits the person who transitions to the heavenly realm. One might think that such a person is no longer in touch with reality but that is not the case! It would be a serious mistake to do so. 

We are multidimensional and multi-sensory beings. The third dimension, which is our physical plane is so dense that it is difficult to pierce the veil and see the world as it is, but there are several dimensions and multiple levels of energy in our existence, not just one. That is why so many of us have physically died and been brought back to share with the world the knowledge that life is indeed internal. I believe that it is truly a gift from God.


I can't think of a more precious gift than the freedom from fear that comes with our death. Love is the overwhelming message of the near-death experience... 

Love is the most fundamental message of the NDE (After Death Experience).

More About Charlene...


I have changed my perception of what it is like to die.  It has deepened my understanding of how best to live my life on earth.


The changes I received through my near death experience and having come face to face with Christ and facing eternity...

I have come to love and accept others without attachments and conditions.

My desire has been to be a conduit of universal love.

Ego-boosting achievements would not be any of my concern.

I developed a sense of timelessness.. an example is a heightened sense of awareness of the present and the importance of being In tune with my surroundings.

I became quite intuitive afterwards. My psychic ability became enhanced. Warning messages happen frequently and continue today.

Sensitivity to light and sound can be a serious issue. As I continue to make lifestyle changes,Often times I cannot get enough sun shine exposure.

Hard rock music is hard for me to tolerate, I prefer classical and natural sounds and I’m passionate about using music to heal.
Eventually my near death experience which I continue to call..(My after death experience)has led me to focus on health and healing others. I feel strongly  that this is a gift from God.But I must remain humble as I am only a vessel on earth to do his will.

I continue to be more spiritually-oriented , enthusiastic and energetic towards my mission and working for GOD.

Please note :That after effects cannot be faked.. as God will knock on my heart and let me know if I veer in any other improper direction. Adjusting to the aftereffects took time,and the first years were  a bit confusing almost as if I wasn’t fully back.

The fear of death has never worried me which is a very common Feeling/Thought by most NDE experiencers.

Being in the bright divine light made me more open ,caring and loving.

I Believe the reason I came back was to become more purified...

To use GOD'S gifts to the best of my ability...

To Honor Him with all my heart and soul, so I am worthy of Heaven again....

Come with Me… JESUS is Magnificent and you’ll LOVE Heaven...


God Bless You always..


In Christ,


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